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Online Quran Classes USA offers a distinctive course called “Learning Quran for Beginners,” designed to help Muslims read the Quran effortlessly and effectively. Our qualified Native Egyptian tutors guide you through a structured curriculum, ensuring each lesson is easy to understand.

In our beginner Quran classes, we focus on developing fluency in reading and reciting with basic Tajweed using authentic books like Noor-al-bayan and Noorani Qaida. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll read the Quran naturally, mastering unique Arabic sounds accurately, akin to native Arabic speakers.

This Quran reading course is designed for kids and adults who are beginners. The syllabus is carefully crafted to help beginners start from the beginning and build a strong foundation in Quran reading.

Quran Learning Online for Kids

Our Quran tutors are certified, experienced, and skilled at teaching students of all ages. They use effective teaching strategies to keep all students engaged in the lessons. We conduct regular tests to ensure a thorough understanding of the topics for beginners. Your progress will be monitored, and you will receive a report card every week to keep you informed.

The course is divided into stages to guide you through different levels, allowing you to focus on each stage. You’ll take a test at the end of each level, and upon passing, you’ll move on to the topics of the next level.

Learn Noorani Qaida Online ​

Proficient Native Arabic  Quran Tutors for Quran Learning

Our experienced online Quran teachers are deeply committed to assisting beginners worldwide, regardless of their location.

➡️ They use latest technology tools such as 3D versions, visual PowerPoint slides, and educational games to help students understand the rules easily.

➡️ Our native Arab tutors are fluent in English and can professionally teach Online Quran classes to beginners worldwide, engaging them effectively.

➡️ The Quran Arabic Learning are highly qualified to implement practical techniques for beginners to learn to recite the Quran. All the techniques and strategies used are tried and tested to ensure optimal results.

➡️ They have obtained certification with an ijazah in teaching Noor Al Bayan and Qaida Noorania from Al Azhar University, recognized as one of the world’s leading Islamic institutes.

➡️ Before being hired as teachers, they underwent a rigorous selection process, including multiple stages of interviews, to ensure they can effectively teach Arabic to enable Quran reading proficiency.

➡️ Our skilled teachers are proficient in tajweed, makharij, Arabic, and Quranic translation, making them qualified to serve as Al-Quran tutors.

➡️ They have the skill of developing and implementing innovative methodologies for beginners to maintain their motivation and engagement.

What makes Our Academy the ideal choice for Beginners Quran Learning Online?

Motivational Environment:

We provide a positive Online Quran Learning environment where every student is encouraged to do their best without feeling judged. This supportive atmosphere yields better results compared to authoritative settings where students may hesitate to participate.

Quran Learning Certifications:

Our top-performing students receive  cash prizes as recognition for their hard work. Additionally, all students enrolled in our course receive a certificate signed by the platform administrator.

Tests and Competitions:

Students are assessed weekly and participate in monthly grand tests to track their progress. To keep motivation high, we organize competitions where students are encouraged to practice more for better results.

Educational Games:

Learning Quran for beginners online is made enjoyable through educational games selected from various sources. These games help reinforce lessons and allow students to practice Quran letters in a fun way.

Quran Learning Online offers numerous advantages for individuals:

  • Arabic connects you with millions of speakers worldwide Arabic ranks as the fifth-most spoken language globally, with over 200 million native speakers and more than 400 million total speakers.
  • Arabic connects you with Arab-American communities In the United States, over one million Americans speak Arabic at home, reflecting a rapidly growing second language. These individuals form part of diverse communities representing various religions, countries of origin, and cultures.
  • Arabic connects you with followers of the world’s third-largest religion Arabic holds significance for Muslims worldwide, comprising 23 percent of the global population. While not all Muslims speak Arabic natively, many learn it for religious study and prayer.
  • Arabic serves as a gateway to international affairs and global politics As one of the six official languages of the UN and the official or co-official language in 27 countries, Arabic influences global diplomacy and news coverage.
  • Arabic sets you apart Learning Arabic Online demonstrates your willingness to embrace diversity and explore new opportunities, distinguishing you when applying for colleges, scholarships, and specialized programs.


Online Quran Classes USA stands out as the premier platform for learning the Quran online via the Zoom App. Our professional tutors offer structured study plans at affordable rates, ensuring accessibility at all times. Join us to embark on your journey of learning the Quran as beginners and renewing your faith.

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FAQs about Quran Learning Online

Beginners can begin reading the Quran by using the Noorani Qaida. This booklet teaches the basics and helps you become a fluent reader of Quranic verses.

To learn the Quran effectively, it’s essential to follow a step-by-step approach, beginning with the basics and progressing to fluency. Mastering the basic pronunciation and makharij (articulation points) of Arabic letters is crucial for accurate tajweed (Quran recitation).

The most effective approach for beginners to Quran Learning for Kids is by enrolling in a reputable forum offering the Noorani Qaida course. Hidayah Network offers a well-structured curriculum for beginners, divided into three levels, to teach Quran reading

All you need is a device with internet access to join our online classes. We provide the necessary study materials and resources during the courses.

We offer regular assessments and progress tracking to monitor your development. Additionally, our instructors provide feedback to help you improve your Quran skills.

Courses we offer:

Learn Noorani Qaida Online ​

Learn Noorani Qaida Online