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Enroll in our Online Quran Classes for Kids to Learn Quran Tajweed, suitable for both kids and adults. As the world progresses swiftly, Online Quran Academy keeps pace. We, being Muslims, recognize the Quran importance as a mandatory aspect of our faith. Hence, opting for the convenience of online Quran classes in USA, UK and Canada becomes the best decision.
Our focus is on delivering high-quality online Quran lessons, guided by proficient Quran teachers, with a commitment to providing the best feedback. We acknowledge the significance of understanding the Quran, and therefore, Learn Online Quran offer flexibility in class schedules.

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$ 40 Per Month
$ 40 Monthly
  • £30/Month
  • 30 Minutes/Live Session
  • 8 Classes/Month


$ 50 Per Month
$ 50 Monthly
  • £38/Month
  • 30 Minutes/Live Session
  • 12 Classes/Month


$ 65 Per Month
$ 65 Monthly
  • £50/Month
  • 30 Minutes/Live Session
  • 16 Classes/Month


$ 80 Per Month
$ 80 Monthly
  • £58/Month
  • 30 Minutes/Live Session
  • 20 Classes/Month

Online Quran Classes for Kids and Arabic Courses

Tajweed, an Arabic term, signifies the act of beautifying. Quran recitation, Tajweed establishes a set of rules governing the correct pronunciation and recital of the Quran. It involves ensuring that each letter of the Quran receives its due rights and necessary characteristics during recitation. Therefore, it is crucial for all Muslim brothers and sisters to “Learn Quran Online with Tajweed” because observing Tajweed rules is obligatory for every Muslim when reciting the Holy Quran.

Learn Quran with Tajweed

Learn Noorani Qaida Online ​

Our course aims to assist Muslims in achieving their goal of completing Hifz Quran. Whether your ambition is to become a Hafiz of the Quran or to memorize a few short surahs for prayer recitation, our online Quran Hifz classes are the ideal initial step toward your lifelong journey of Online Quran memorization. Get one of the best Quran memorization Classes is backed by all these reasons. If you or your kid aims to memorize the Quran with perfection and ease, schedule a free trial now!

Online Quran Memorization Classes

The Learn Noorani Qaida Course, also known as Noorani Qaida Online, serves as a fundamental program for individuals aspiring to acquire Quran reading skills from the ground up. This Quran course encompasses crucial lessons necessary for the accurate recitation of the Quran. Commencing with the Arabic Alphabet, the Noorani Qaida Course systematically guides the learner from individual letters to connected letters, Arabic words, sentences, and the principles of Tajweed. 

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Female Quran Teachers Online

Get Best Quran Classes for Kids & Adults

We strive to offer a diverse range of courses, and our online Quran classes for adults stand out as an excellent choice for those with busy schedules. Whether you aspire to delve into Islamic studies or master the art of reading Quran with Tajweed, you are warmly welcomed. We maintain an open line for course recommendations that suit your preferences.
Dedication extends to accommodating your preferred class timings and teachers. For children, learning Quran reading is a compulsory obligation, and we uphold unwavering standards of quality. Your trust is our commitment to delivering quality education. In the realm of online Quran learning, time becomes a valuable blessing. The choice is yours, and ensuring the best is our responsibility.

Online Quran Learning
Quran Classes Online for Kids

Online Quran Classes in USA guided by Learn Quran Teachers

The Quran Classes Online for Kids and Adults proudly offers the expertise of seasoned online Quran tutors who consistently inspire you to excel in understanding Islamic principles and acquiring proficiency in Arabic. They introduce you to the seamless use of modern technology for effortless online Quran learning. Furthermore, our services extend to both male and female instructors, allowing you the flexibility to choose based on your preference. Your comfort is our utmost priority, and we take pride in catering to your needs. Our adept teachers are capable of conducting Quran classes online in both English and Urdu languages.

Online Quran Courses with Male and Female Quran Teachers

Responding to the needs of our students, we have arranged for female instructors to teach Quran classes online. Online Quran Learning recognize that female students often find greater comfort in learning Quran and other Islamic courses under the guidance of experienced female Quran teachers. This facilitates more meaningful exchanges and ensures that teachers make earnest efforts to students may have. Both our male and female Quran teachers are highly proficient in their respective roles, providing students with the freedom to select instructors

Online Quran Courses for Kids

The Benefits of Read to Learn Quran Online from Home

Our online Quran teaching services have reached 80 countries worldwide, made possible through dedicated struggle and efforts. We consistently work hard to provide the best education, burning the midnight oil to impart valuable knowledge to our students. The Online Quran Classes in USA, Canada, Australia and UK provides best Quran learning with qualified teachers from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Jordan, and Egypt, proficient in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic. Our teaching focuses on Tajweed, Qirat, Arabic, and Quran memorization, with accurate pronunciation. We offer 24/7 availability, weekend classes, and special online Sunday school sessions to accommodate busy schedules. Online Quran study is ideal for children, aligning well with technology. The flexibility of Learn Quran for Kids ensures that they can conveniently incorporate religious study into their schedules.

Learn Quran Online for Kids

Quran Academy Online prioritize quality teaching in our mission. To uphold this commitment, we proudly offer trial classes for learning the Quran online with confidence. Organizing orientation courses is the method by which we validate our dedication. Nevertheless, our commitment to delivering quality remains best, and we stand by our promises. There is no room for deception in our services; we operate in the service of Allah. As Muslims, it is our duty to continue promoting goodness, and the positive impact is truly remarkable.

Charges are reasonable, and we ensure learning under best online Quran teachers. We are good in our commitment to quality. We have enlisted the Quran Tutors for your introduction. Our online Quran tutors are well-suited for delivering online Quran classes through the online platform. They possess extensive experience and qualifications from reputable universities. A solid track record of teaching the Quran over the years is a testament to their expertise. They give a familial relationship with their students and are truly excellent, deserving of their rewards. Learning under their guidance ensures that you become a result-oriented student.

Get skilled Quran Learn Online without compromising on quality. The Online Quran Classes take pride in introducing the best Quran teachers who are well-suited for online Quran classes. Our tutors are highly experienced and university-qualified, boasting a commendable track record in teaching the Quran over the years. They treat students like family and are genuinely virtuous, deserving of recognition. By learning under their guidance, you’ll become a result-oriented student.

For female students looking online Quran classes, we understand the preference for female teachers. Hence, we have dedicated, highly qualified female Quran teachers who exert great effort in their teachings. Learning the Quran is made easy for both parents and children. These female teachers are available 24/7 to assist students from any corner. Our male and female teachers are well-equipped to teach at various levels, from beginners to advanced, covering Quran with Tajweed, Arabic, and other courses.

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